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Trust Cyclotron Technologies to deliver it all through Oracle NetSuite

Nonprofits need greater segmentation and more detailed financial reporting as well as integrated tracking of all services delivered to their constituents. With Cyclotron’s expertise and planning, fuel your mission with a single system to unify financials, strengthen relationships, and deliver better programs and services.

Manage it all in one system through the process of Accelerating change

At Cyclotron, we employ Netsuite’s best features to achieve transparent reporting into restricted/unrestricted fund balances. We track terms and conditions, automate time and expense management for billable and nonbillable transactions, and manage expenses across multiple years. Our expertise sees the bigger picture from fundraising, to finance to program. We streamline your organization’s Chart of Accounts to achieve complete visibility into the source and use funds to make educated decisions about programs, people, and key business drivers. With us on board, you can expand your business globally and drive your resources to achieve social impact.

Innovative and reliable
IT solutions for your business.


Key Benefits


Elevate efficiency into grant lifecycle


Eliminate error account code strings


360 degree view of your performance


Manage revenue and requirements


Elevate your business mission globally


Easy & configurable compliance reporting

NetSuite Software Solutions


A cloud-based management solution that brings together all business processes allowing you to focus on your core business to accelerate growth.
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Increase profitability & customer satisfaction with IT software designed to help you automate certain critical processes and control project management.
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An omnicommerce solution made by the integration of NetSuite modules that enables order management, financial management, marketing, and customer support.
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We operate with a highly customizable NetSuite CRM to deliver a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers for building reliable relationships with them.
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We streamline your complex business applications through customized ERP, CRM, eCommerce solutions to bring them together into a single system.
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Why NetSuite

As the #1 Cloud ERP Business Software Solution, NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do all the integration seamlessly making your business more efficient and slick.
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