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AFA and Fashion

AFA and Fashion


Trust Cyclotron Technologies to deliver it all through Oracle NetSuite

AFA and Fashion companies operate in an environment that exhibits dynamism and throws challenges constantly. Cyclotron is helping retailers develop harness technology and build a robust infrastructure that caters to all touchpoints of the customer and the process, building great relationships with vendors and clients through the process “Accelerate Change” 

Business management of the AFA and Fashion industry

Cyclotron has expertise in the fashion industry and has proved time and again on how technology can promote business and has exhibited installing systems and delivered promises. We provide solutions that optimize businesses and align technology amongst various verticals of the retail industry. Retailers work with us in implementing the right technology across Store management, Supply chain, Merchandise, Planning, and Optimisation along with Marketing, HR, and Finance to enhance their outcomes. We help retailers across the horizon, right from high-end niche product retailers, supermarkets, clothing stores, furniture stores, and e-commerce retailers.

Innovative and reliable
IT solutions for your business.


Key Benefits


Simplify & ease your omnichannel commerce


Powerful e-commerce capabilities on devices


Real Time inventory visibility in channels


Cross channel order management


Low cost and less hassle than on-premise


Easy customization for specific requirements

NetSuite Software Solutions


A cloud-based management solution that brings together all business processes allowing you to focus on your core business to accelerate growth.
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Increase profitability & customer satisfaction with IT software designed to help you automate certain critical processes and control project management.
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An omnicommerce solution made by the integration of NetSuite modules that enables order management, financial management, marketing, and customer support.
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We operate with a highly customizable NetSuite CRM to deliver a real-time, 360-degree view of your customers for building reliable relationships with them.
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We streamline your complex business applications through customized ERP, CRM, eCommerce solutions to bring them together into a single system.
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Why NetSuite

As the #1 Cloud ERP Business Software Solution, NetSuite’s flexibility lets you do all the integration seamlessly making your business more efficient and slick.
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